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  • How charities can make the right impact

    30 October 2017

    For charities today the challenge is that money is tighter than ever and the speed of change is unlikely to slacken. It's tempting to put on the blinkers and work harder than ever but conversely now is the time to step back and assess your charity's impact and how it can be sustained.

    In this report, Third Sector Insight and CAN take a look at social impact and how to implement this change. 

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  • How charities’ workplace culture can prevent controversies

    24 March 2017

    The third sector has never been under such intense scrutiny from regulators, politicians and the media. Charities are exposed to major reputational risk as never before. 

    In this report, Third Sector Insight and Alder assess the cultural health of British charities – and how they can identify weaknesses and take action to improve organisational culture.

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  • Cyber and data security - how prepared is your charity?

    26 October 2016

    This report provides an overview of the current state of play within the sector as well as some top tips on how charities can improve their cyber and data security.

    Charities are the same as any other company - large or small - when it comes to information security. They have assets that need protecting including information, threats to counter and a myriad of problems to deal with. A cyber attack on a small UK-based charity last year, where terrorist propaganda and offensive material replaced the website, shows the Third Sector is not immune. 

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  • The Future of Fundraising

    03 October 2016

    Technology is enabling charities to raise money in new and ever-more innovative ways. In this five-page special, Third Sector’s senior reporter Susannah Birkwood explores the emerging trends in fundraising and asks which technologies could change the way people give in the future.

    The paper includes analysis of:

    • Crowdfunding
    • Contactless donations
    • Virtual reality
    • Online charity shops
    • Customer relationship management software

    Click the button below to download the report for free.

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  • Charity trustees & risk management - planning for the unforeseen

    15 March 2016

    Today’s charity leaders have a lot to contend with. Aside from the challenges associated with delivering their objectives, trustees and senior managers must keep apace with a multitude of developments within technology, local environments and the political, financial and legal spheres – all of which bring their own set of risks and opportunities.

    This report  - brought to you by Third Sector insight and Ecclesiastical Insurance - offers insight into the responsibilities involved in becoming a trustee, addressing some of the risks charities face and what charities need to do to ensure their trustees are best equipped to manage a crisis.


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  • Report: How do charities gain the support of major donors?

    07 March 2016

    In austere times with continued government cuts, there’s an enthusiasm for engaging the philanthropic support of wealthy individuals or corporate decision makers. Major donors can provide in-kind support, at-cost services, expertise or act as influential ambassadors.

    But despite of obvious benefits, Third Sector research revealed that a majority of smaller charities, with under £1m turnover, had no major donor strategy or department. Instead, major-donor fundraising was ad-hoc or opportunistic.

    So why should attracting major donors be a priority for your charity, and how can you gain the support of major donors successfully?

    Third Sector presents an exclusive 12-page report, featuring key insights from research of over 20 decision-makers in FTSE 250 CSR departments and high net-worth philanthropists. This insight helps you develop and improve your major-donor fundraising strategy as well as…

       -> Gain practical advice on what a charity must do before approaching a potential major donor 
       -> Discover seven types of major donor and understand their motivations 
       -> Get top tips on how to approach potential donors (as suggested by major donors themselves) 
       -> Learn how to convert potential donors into your charity’s major supporters 

    If you’re interested, redeem your copy for £129 (excl. VAT) by emailing to We’ll send a copy of the report by reply.

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  • Choosing an online fundraising platform

    29 January 2016

    This report reveals insights from a survey, conducted in partnership with BT MyDonate, which investigated charity perceptions, knowledge and expectations of fundraising platforms.

    As online giving continues to grow, knowing the benefits and disadvantages of the various platforms is crucial for charities and fundraisers.

    In this report you will learn the actual costs of the various fundrasing platforms as well as how to select the optimal fundraising platform. You can read some interesting case studies that back up our findings and use our online fundraising platform checklist to make sure you choose the right platform for you and your charity.

    Thhis report will reveal insight from a survey, conducted in partnership with BT MyDonate, which investigated charity perceptions, knowledge and expectations of fundraising platforms.

    As online giving continues to grow, knowing the benefits and disadvantages of the various platforms is crucial for charities and fundraisers.his report will reveal insight from a survey, conducted in partnership with BT MyDonate, which investigated charity perceptions, knowledge and expectations of fundraising platforms.

    As online giving continues to grow, knowing the benefits and disadvantages of the various platforms is crucial for charities and fundraisers. 

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  • Recruitment Challenges Facing Charities

    23 October 2015

    The building of talent pipelines is a key objective for 80% of HR functions in today’s charities.

    Third Sector Insight and Monster commissioned a survey to better understand the recruitment challenges facing Charities, and the impact they have on attracting and retaining the best talent.

    This expert report synthesises these survey results, and delivers key insight from Third Sector and Monster examining how best to combat and manage resourcing issues.

    Download to discover:

    • How your peers are developing their recruitment strategy
    • The key ingredients to effective reactive resourcing
    • How to combat skill shortages

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  • Charity Digital Study 2015

    02 September 2015

    How do the general public interact with charities online?

    Third Sector has partnered with Harris Interactive to launch the inaugural Charity Digital Study, which provides comprehensive insight into the public's digital experience from both a website and social media perspective. Covering 2,000 UK social media users, this study looks at the giving habits, behaviours and perceptions of this ever-growing, and ever-changing, audience.

    From the "no makeup selfie" to the "ice bucket challenge", the digital strategy of your charity has never been so important. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or any of the other seemingly endless channels to potential donors, it’s vital to understand your audience, and the journey that they experience.

    Whether your charity is looking to target young or old, male or female, or a broader audience, the Charity Digital Study provides a fascinating number of insights into your target demographics, including:

    • How you interact with a charity both offline and online, and the frequency of doing so
    • Which charities do you interact with, why, and what are you looking for?
    • How do you donate to charities – Online and offline methods, and how often
    • Social media and attitudes to technology

    Download the preview of this report now and we'll be in touch to share some more information on the full report.

    Or, to discuss the full report, please contact Daniel Jenkins (

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  • How To Create Fundraising and Engagement Opportunities Through An Integrated Digital Footprint

    22 June 2015

    The potential to engage supporters in increasingly effective and direct ways has never been greater, with a charity’s website able to be right at the heart of excellent supporter experiences. 

    There are a large number of digital channels and tools available that can be part of the solution. However, with so many channels it can be a challenge for charities to ensure a consistent online presence and create a seamless experience that realises fundraising and engagement opportunities.. 

    Third Sector Insight¸ in partnership with Raising IT conducted an exclusive survey with 228 charity professionals to discover the challenges and how charities are approaching building their website against this backdrop.

    Click below to download the report now.

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  • Are You Innovating with Online Fundraising?

    27 January 2015

    Only 2% of charities believe they are maximising the potential of online fundraising¹.

    In a survey of over 550 charities, Third Sector Insight in partnership with Virgin Money Giving, investigated the extent to which online fundraising is being embraced.

    Moreover, discover how online fundraising is not just for ad hoc campaigns, but can become an integral part of other strategies, such as e-commerce, in memory or regular giving.

    Download this paper now to benchmark your charity, plus gain insight from two successful online fundraising case studies, from Walking with the Wounded and Cardiac Risk in the Young.

    ¹ The Virgin Money Giving Third Sector Insight Digital Fundraising Report

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  • Transform Your Fundraising: Boosting Engagement and Donations Through Mobility

    06 October 2014

    For charities, revenue through digital channels is growing at 13.5% annually¹. In this time of funding cuts, adopting a digital presence is an opportunity that charities cannot afford to miss. 

    Moreover, a comprehensive digital strategy offers charities more than just another fundraising channel. It is a chance to capture valuable data, enhance supporter engagement and gain actionable insights for future campaigns.

    In association with POWA, Third Sector Insight conducted a survey of 270 charities to research how engagement and donations could be increased through mobility.

    Click below to download the report, which includes all the results, as well as supporting commentary from industry leaders and digital innovators working within the charity sector.

    ¹ Blackbaud's The Charitable Giving Report 2013

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  • Predicting Future Donor Behaviour to Maximise Funds

    19 June 2012

    The majority of traditional charity donors are over 60, but there numbers are plummeting, and young people are disenfranchised with the message put out by many charities. Obviously the current system is flawed.

    A better understanding of your potential donors has a surprisingly positive effect on your fundraising. This expert report looks at techniques to achieve a better understanding, then provides insights into attracting ideal donors, retaining them, and increasing contributions.

    9 pages
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  • UK Corporate Citizenship In The 21st Century

    08 June 2012

    This expert report asks 'What role should the private sector play in society?' Is it simply there to provide jobs, goods and services, and profit for shareholders? Historically not.

    This paper is essential reading for anyone wanting to further understand the wider role commercial organisations have played in the past and continue to play, reffered to as corporate citizenship. 

    20 pages
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