Monitoring and Evaluation

  • How can better IT improve your third sector work?

    02 August 2017

    There is a frustrating amount of commentary about what charities should be doing with technology and how ill-equipped they are to do it. Third Sector, in partnership with Blue Saffron, wants to understand how IT can help third sector organisations. We know that information technology can help with recruiting and retaining staff and volunteers, improving fundraising, working more efficiently and increasing trust and transparency to the wider stakeholders but we want to hear from you.

    This survey will only take a few minutes and, as a thank you, we'll enter you into a prize draw to win one of two IT audits from Blue Saffron, each worth in excess of £10,000.

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries for the survey and prize draw have now been extended and close 9th October 2017. 

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  • Cyber and data security - how prepared is your charity?

    26 October 2016

    This report provides an overview of the current state of play within the sector as well as some top tips on how charities can improve their cyber and data security.

    Charities are the same as any other company - large or small - when it comes to information security. They have assets that need protecting including information, threats to counter and a myriad of problems to deal with. A cyber attack on a small UK-based charity last year, where terrorist propaganda and offensive material replaced the website, shows the Third Sector is not immune. 

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  • Protecting Your Charity’s Data

    18 February 2016

    Your charity holds a wealth of personal data about individuals; from staff and volunteers to supporters and end clients. This information is subject to the Data Protection Act.

    The Information Commissioner’s Office has already started an investigation into how the voluntary sector manages data and can impose fines of up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the Act.

    In addition, the increasing risk of cyber attack and serious organised crime is as relevant and concerning to charities as it is to any business – the voluntary sector may be seen as a soft target because of a perceived lack of security.

    Accepting responsibility for protecting your data is inescapable nowadays, but whose job is it to ensure its safety?

    Third Sector Insight has teamed up with Protective Intelligence – security specialists with long-standing experience in helping organisations in both the public and private sectors keep their data safe. By completing this survey, which is in the strictest confidence, we want to find out what you know about how your charity’s data is protected.

    The survey will take no more than 10 minutes of your time – and as a thank you, we will enter you into a prize draw for a pair of West End theatre tickets.

    * In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries for the survey and prize draw close 31st March 2016.

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  • Keeping Safe – Data Security in the Third Sector

    26 March 2015

    In 2012, 10,000 records were stolen during a hack on the British Pregnancy Advice Service (BPAS). The charity suffered a severe loss of supporter trust and a £200,000 fine in 2014¹. The BPAS had no protocols in place to protect or react to an attack.

    The ICO has the power to fine organisations up to £500,000 for data breaches. For charities, however, the implementation of data safeguards is not only a necessary defence but a statement of intent. It builds supporter trust, demonstrates integrity and respect for supporters’ sensitive information.

    Here at Third Sector Insight we want to hear your thoughts on today’s digital security threats. We invite you to take this survey in the strictest confidence and it will only take 2 minutes to complete (we know, we timed it!).

    As a thank you, we will:

    • Send you the overview of the anonymised results
    • Enter you into a prize draw for the chance to win for your charity a free cyber security risk assessment worth up to £2,000*
    • AND, enter you into a NEW prize draw for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2*

    *In taking part in this survey you agree to our terms and conditions, to view these click here. Entries for the survey and prize draw close 31st May 2015.

    ¹ Computer Weekly, ICO fines charity £200,000 for data breach

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  • Are You Innovating with Online Fundraising?

    27 January 2015

    Only 2% of charities believe they are maximising the potential of online fundraising¹.

    In a survey of over 550 charities, Third Sector Insight in partnership with Virgin Money Giving, investigated the extent to which online fundraising is being embraced.

    Moreover, discover how online fundraising is not just for ad hoc campaigns, but can become an integral part of other strategies, such as e-commerce, in memory or regular giving.

    Download this paper now to benchmark your charity, plus gain insight from two successful online fundraising case studies, from Walking with the Wounded and Cardiac Risk in the Young.

    ¹ The Virgin Money Giving Third Sector Insight Digital Fundraising Report

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  • Driving Value Through Effective Monitoring And Evaluation

    21 November 2013

    Amid government cuts and increased competition, charities are under mounting pressure to demonstrate outcomes and prove their worth to donors and society.

    But for many, monitoring and evaluation is a daunting process. How complex is it? Is it time intensive? How much is it going to cost?

    Whatever your size or budget, tune into this live webinar where we will explore how you can effectively manage, monitor and evidence your activity to boost value and improve performance. Our expert speakers will provide actionable insights and answers to your key questions.

    • Demystifying monitoring and evaluation: what’s involved, how does it work and how can it drive value?
    • Understand the rewards and challenges associated with creating a tailored impact measurement system for your organisation
    • Learn how to evidence your success, demonstrate outcomes and attract more funding

    Lindsey Horsfield, Head of Research, The Homeless FA
    Pete Fitzboydon, Director of Business Operations, Football Foundation
    Peter Taylor, Professor of Sports Economics, Sheffield Hallam University
    Moderated by Georgia Cockerell, Head of Content, Third Sector Insight
    60 minutes
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