Report: How do charities gain the support of major donors?

07 March 2016

In austere times with continued government cuts, there’s an enthusiasm for engaging the philanthropic support of wealthy individuals or corporate decision makers. Major donors can provide in-kind support, at-cost services, expertise or act as influential ambassadors.

But despite of obvious benefits, Third Sector research revealed that a majority of smaller charities, with under £1m turnover, had no major donor strategy or department. Instead, major-donor fundraising was ad-hoc or opportunistic.

So why should attracting major donors be a priority for your charity, and how can you gain the support of major donors successfully?

Third Sector presents an exclusive 12-page report, featuring key insights from research of over 20 decision-makers in FTSE 250 CSR departments and high net-worth philanthropists. This insight helps you develop and improve your major-donor fundraising strategy as well as…

   -> Gain practical advice on what a charity must do before approaching a potential major donor 
   -> Discover seven types of major donor and understand their motivations 
   -> Get top tips on how to approach potential donors (as suggested by major donors themselves) 
   -> Learn how to convert potential donors into your charity’s major supporters 

If you’re interested, redeem your copy for £129 (excl. VAT) by emailing to We’ll send a copy of the report by reply.

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