Charity Digital Study 2015

02 September 2015

How do the general public interact with charities online?

Third Sector has partnered with Harris Interactive to launch the inaugural Charity Digital Study, which provides comprehensive insight into the public's digital experience from both a website and social media perspective. Covering 2,000 UK social media users, this study looks at the giving habits, behaviours and perceptions of this ever-growing, and ever-changing, audience.

From the "no makeup selfie" to the "ice bucket challenge", the digital strategy of your charity has never been so important. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or any of the other seemingly endless channels to potential donors, it’s vital to understand your audience, and the journey that they experience.

Whether your charity is looking to target young or old, male or female, or a broader audience, the Charity Digital Study provides a fascinating number of insights into your target demographics, including:

  • How you interact with a charity both offline and online, and the frequency of doing so
  • Which charities do you interact with, why, and what are you looking for?
  • How do you donate to charities – Online and offline methods, and how often
  • Social media and attitudes to technology

Download the preview of this report now and we'll be in touch to share some more information on the full report.

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